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What Rideshare Drivers And Passengers Need To Know After An Accident

Information For Rideshare Passengers After An AccidentKey Takeaways:

  • Injured rideshare drivers and passengers should notify the rideshare company as soon as possible about the accident.
  • Fault and financial responsibility depend on the facts of the accident.
  • Even if the rideshare drivers do not have passengers in the vehicle, the rideshare company can still be responsible.

Should The Injured Rideshare Driver Notify The Rideshare Company Of The Accident And Injuries Or Attempt To File A Claim With His Or Her Insurance Company?

As a general rule, an injured rideshare driver (or passenger) should notify the rideshare company of the accident and injuries and also be prepared to file a claim with his or her own insurance company.

If you are a driver or a passenger and you are involved in an accident while using a rideshare app, you should always report the collision to the rideshare company. The company needs to document when and where it occurred, the vehicle involved, and any other relevant information.

The driver or passenger may also file a claim against any other vehicle’s insurance that was involved in the accident.  The company that will be responsible and/or the insurance company that will pay the damages of the injured persons depends on the relative fault of each driver involved. But claims should be filed with all the companies involved, and the at-fault company(ies) will pay the claim. 

If A Rideshare Driver Is Liable For The Accident Or At-Fault, Does The Rideshare Company Offer Any Type Of Personal Injury Coverage For The Passenger?

If the rideshare driver was at fault, the driver will not be able to recover for his or her own injuries, but their passengers or the occupants of any other vehicle that was involved in the accident are eligible to file claims against the rideshare driver and the company the driver was working for at the time of the accident.

Even if the driver did not have passengers in the vehicle and was either on the way to pick up passengers or on the app waiting to be matched to a passenger, the rideshare company can still be responsible for what that driver did while using the app.

If you are struck by a rideshare vehicle, it’s important to make a claim against the rideshare company and its insurance as well as any other applicable coverages in order to get fully and properly compensated for any damages.

As A Passenger In A Rideshare Vehicle, Would You Ever Need To Pursue A Personal Injury Claim Against The Driver Himself Or Herself?

As a passenger in a rideshare vehicle, you will pursue a claim against the at-fault driver. If you are a passenger in a rideshare vehicle that caused an accident, then you are entitled to recover for any injuries and other damages you sustained.

In certain situations, you can even be compensated if you are struck by an uninsured driver while a passenger in a rideshare vehicle but it will depend on the facts of the accident.

A driver is always personally responsible for his or her actions but under Louisiana law the rideshare company they were working for (and its insurance carrier) is also jointly responsible for what the driver did while active on the app.

For more information on Rideshare Accidents in Louisiana, an initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling (504) 384-7770 today.

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