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Whether you are in search of assistance with litigation representation, have recently been injured, or seek any of the variety of excellent services offered by J.W. Law LLC, Attorney Jonathan Wasielewski is here to help. There are many options for legal help in New Orleans, LA, but when dealing with matters as serious as your health or litigation, it is crucial to find an attorney who has the experience and resources to give you the best chances at reaching a favorable result.

With over a decade of success helping clients reach their legal goals, J.W. Law LLC is your best resource for comprehensive and expert service for anything from a simple traffic ticket to even some of the most complex business law matters. However, regardless of the situation, the best first step to take is scheduling an hour-long initial consultation to discuss your unique circumstances so we can get a better understanding of your situation and the possible action to be taken to get you on your way to a favorable resolution. So, for the best litigation, traffic court defense, personal injury, or hemp and CBD lawyer available in New Orleans, LA, call or email J.W. Law LLC to get started!

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Personal Injury

Instances of personal injury in which you may seek legal support are especially challenging since not only is the prospect of recovering from the injury itself heavy on your mind but recovering financially may even more so. This is especially true in cases of severe injury. In addition, since a personal injury can occur anywhere and often happen quite suddenly and unexpectedly, they have the potential to derail your life and leave lasting repercussions on your day-to-day lifestyle. However, with the right personal injury attorney in New Orleans, LA, the process of seeking damages and getting your life back on track can be significantly simplified.

Since driving has become such a commonplace activity in many of our daily lives, it can often lull us all into a false sense of security and safety. However, at any point and in as little as a split second, a reckless driver or even just a simple case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time has the potential to turn our lives upside down and leave one devastatingly injured.

The insurance company may claim to be your best friend in situations like these. However, it is critical to remember that their business operates on making money from their clients and holding on to as much of it as possible. This means that they will often do everything in their power to devalue or deny your claim. Therefore, the best resource available to you after an accident is an attorney with extensive experience helping clients recover after serious personal injuries caused by a crash. At J.W. Law LLC, we have the resources and experience fighting for our clients to help them get the compensation they deserve to get their lives back on track. So call as soon as possible after the accident to get started.

Traffic Court Defense

Many people believe that a traffic ticket cannot or is not worth being fought. While they are often not severe in and of themselves, if enough of them stack up, not only can the financial burden get severe, but it can begin to affect your driver's license and ability to stay on the road as well. Another commonly held misconception is that it would cost more to hire an attorney to fight the ticket than it would just to absorb the cost and consequences and just pay the ticket. However, this is often not the case.

Since penalties can often run steep charges and driver's license penalties can leave lasting implications, one is usually better off attempting to fight. Additionally, while each case is unique and the circumstances of a ticket will impact the strategy used to combat the consequences, it is often much more straightforward and simpler than one may think. To discuss your options in New Orleans, LA, traffic court defense, call J.W. Law LLC to schedule an initial consultation.

CBD Hemp

Hemp and CBD products are relatively new to the scene, which often means the laws can be confusing, especially if attempting to open or operate a business involving such products. Since Louisiana has been notoriously harsh on similar products in recent history, it is critical to ensure all of your bases are covered before making any assumptions or mistakes that could cost you not only your business but much more.

At J.W. Law LLC, we can assist you in understanding the rules and regulations surrounding all things hemp and CBD, as well as with the business in general. For any questions or to clear up any confusion you may have, the best next step is to contact our office in New Orleans to schedule an initial consultation.

Business Law

Regardless of the stage your business is currently at, from the earliest stages of formation to well into regular operation, it is no secret that challenges and roadblocks can appear without warning at every step of the way. Therefore, even if you are only beginning to consider the prospect of opening your own business, it can be immensely beneficial to consult with a business formation attorney to make sure that everything is in order, and no simple mistakes will get in the way of your business and the best possible chance for a successful future.

However, once the business has been started and is off the ground, that does not mean you are out of the woods just yet. Without in-depth knowledge of all the minutiae that comes with running a business, it can get overwhelming very quickly. From licenses and certificates to taxes and legal operating challenges, having the right business attorney by your side can make the difference between success and failure due to unforeseen circumstances.

At J.W. Law LLC, you will find the experience, resources, and support to help you along every step of the way, regardless of the stage your business is in. Additionally, since the potential problems and challenges scale and change as your business grows, it is crucial to find an attorney who can be there for all of it. The earlier you bring an attorney into the fray, the more time they can have to familiarize themselves with the operation and be better equipped to help if and when their services are needed. Call our office in New Orleans, LA, as soon as possible to start on a business law solution that is right for you and your business.

What To Do Next

What To Do Next

What To Do Next

Regardless of the circumstances you may be in or the legal assistance you need, the first step is scheduling a consultation. This meeting will allow us to discuss your situation, the matter with which you need help, any goals you have surrounding its resolution, and potential strategies for success moving forward. Since many of the issues our office assists clients with are time-sensitive, time is of the essence. Therefore, the sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin helping. So don’t hesitate, and call today!

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