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CBD And Hemp Laws In Louisiana

In This Article, You Will Learn About:

  • The steps that CBD and hemp-based business owners in Louisiana should take to be in compliance with state laws.
  • How the state of Louisiana handles and awards CBD and hemp-based business licenses.
  • Some important questions that prospective business owners may consider as they begin their enterprise.

Services For Entrepreneurs And Businesses In The CBD Hemp Industry In Louisiana

A large part of this firm’s offerings focuses on providing services for those just getting their CBD business started.

These services include helping business owners to:

  • Choose how to structure their business
  • Understand the legal obligations of obtaining a permit and license
  • Apply for the permits and licenses they need to operate their business lawfully
  • File the necessary paperwork to form their business entity
  • Obtain the necessary permits from the state agencies and departments that oversee the different aspects of hemp-related businesses

I also provide advising and consulting to businesses already operating in this area. The laws that govern the hemp and CBD industry are constantly changing. So, my firm provides general counsel services to existing business owners, helping them to stay up-to-date on:

  • Changes in the law
  • Best business practices,
  • How to stay in compliance with all current regulation, permit, and licensing requirements – which are frequently changing (especially in the last few legislative sessions).

Are The Number Of CBD Hemp Businesses Limited In Louisiana?

As of March 2022, there is no preset limit on the number of CBD or hemp-related business licenses in Louisiana.

There is, however, a very strict limit on the number of medical marijuana facilities and dispensaries at this time.

While there is no limit to the number of Hemp-related business licenses awarded in the state, the industry is controlled and regulated. Therefore, each business operating in this industry needs to be properly permitted and licensed, which is why it can be helpful to have an attorney to consult with about the requirements.

What State Regulations Has Louisiana Put Into Place For CBD Hemp Businesses To Ensure They’re Operating Legally?

Louisiana has placed restrictions on the type of products that can be sold, to whom those products can be sold, how those products must be labeled. (Including labeling requirements to show proof of the certificates of analysis for each and every product that is sold.)

These regulations changed in 2021, and we anticipate that there will be further changes to these regulations in the coming years. This is just another reason why it’s important to have an experienced CBD business law attorney to advise you on the most up-to-date regulations.

When Someone Comes To You And Wants To Set Up A CBD Hemp Business, What Are Some Of The Most Important Questions That You’re Asking Them?

There are different license and permit requirements for each unique business. So, it’s important for your attorney to have a general overview of your business and a complete picture of what stage in the process you are currently in.

To this end, it is important for your attorney to know:

  • Who the owners of the business are,
  • Where and how you intend to operate.
  • Whether you’re planning to operate in more than one business location.
  • What types of products you intend to sell.
  • Where (or from whom) you’re obtaining your products
  • How you plan to sell the products—either through wholesale or retail.
  • Where you intend to produce your products (if you’re on the production side).
  • Who else you will be involved in business with.

There are restrictions and regulations on every aspect of a hemp-based business, regardless of what stage in the production of these products (from seed to retail sale) you are involved in.

From the answers to these questions, we can make sure that you fully understand the requirements for your business, are able to obtain the necessary permits and licenses, and can set up your enterprise in a way that will allow you to operate legally while avoiding enforcement actions, fines, and unnecessary costs.

What Is The Best Business Model For A CBD Hemp Business In Louisiana?

In any industry, there can be different reasons for why someone would choose to structure their business as a partnership, an LLC, or a standard corporation — each depending on the individuals involved and their goals for the enterprise.

Therefore, this is something that I discuss with each client in order to determine what the best structure may be for that particular business.

How Do I Get Started Forming And Operating My CBD Hemp Business In Louisiana?

The first step in any CBD or hemp-based business venture is to discuss the overall business plan. After determining the client’s goals for their business, we will be able to start conversations about what business model or structure may best suit their needs.

Once the business model is established, we will take steps to register, license, and permit the business.

If a business has not already been registered, we will file a registration with the Secretary of State. Then, depending on the stage of the enterprise (from production to retail), we will proceed to acquire any other licenses or permits needed to operate in compliance with the law.

Additionally, I can advise any prospective entrepreneurs on the permitting and license and compliance requirements for their particular business depending on what stage of the production, wholesale, retail chain they are involved in.

For more information on CBD Hemp Law in Louisiana, an initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling (504) 384-7770 today.

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